Packed day with the photographer Sky Round, make up artist Marra Entezary, hairstylish Shanta Sweeney.

I had Marra create a natural look and to even out the models skin tone.

Shanta just touched up their hair.

I chose to work with Skye Round a talented photographer.

I went with her because I like the fact that she helped with creative direction, I learnt alot about how much needs to be done pre Photoshoot.
As well as understanding how to  set the scene learning about colours, contrast with the garment and background.

My models Akeem, Luke, Sam and Hudson amazing bunch by having models who were experienced and had an interest in fashion it really helped with working the garments and making them look their best.

I love the fact that my models are diverse as my collection is made for everyone one it's just down to how you want to style it.

dionne reeves