Meet the manufacturer

Meet the manufacturer 

 I went to meet the Manufacturer event at the old Truman Brewery in London, it was very busy  which was really helpful in making decisions and also getting to meet companies who I have worked with face to face. 

I went on the 2nd day on arrival  we had to queue so I was pretty excited to see it was busy and new it would be good event. 

There was a seminar on manufacturers in the UK and how they are trying to expand......  

It was interesting to hear his views and made me think on what I will do to be able to work with British factory's whether it may mean creating more simplified garments to be able to get mass production at a good price.  

I spoke to someone from angel....? Startup loan

Need to finish off business plan and book an appointment  

Walked around spoke to some interesting companies that act like directories which I what I have been looking for so excited to get in contact to guide me to the best company to work with me.   

 I meet the company who actually produced my fabric, I found out they have a department for menswear knit which is very useful and spoke to the person who runs the fashion side and I can't wait to create another project with them. 

The last seminar I went to was about how to build up relationships with manufacturers we had three speaks a guy from Asos and manufacturer that they work with and a start up company. 

It was eye opening finding out that the idea of Britain is way more expensive than abroad isn't always cheaper, especially when you look at the timescale ad being able to communicate with the suppliers more easier and your not having to travel half way around the world to visit suppliers.

I have been to other manufacturer events which are worldwide  and generally they are only interested in high volume. 

 if you are making small quantities I think you need to have closer relationship manufacturers as you can't afford to have too many errors. But if you do corrections can be made easier. 


What I gathered from seminar is to get out there talk to as many people as you can from the manufacturing industry and to physical meet them not just sit behind a screen, as results could turn out very different. And to also be as prepared and honest about what are trying to achieve so the manufacturer can work out if the are right for you.  






dionne reeves