Going out fighting

I find myself drawn in by the energy of the fighters as well as the artistry.

 Other than my desire for fashion, I am a keen fan of most combat sport like MMA and boxing. I find myself drawn in by the energy of the fighters as well as the artistry. 

Laamb wrestling is a sport I have recently come across, which you can find in the West Africa. Laamb is an ancient sport and the words means wrestling derived from the Wolof language use by the Serer people in Senegal and it is now the leading sport in the country.  Laamb is an intense, dynamic and powerful sport that requires the players to be strong mentally and physically. Their training is intense and they also rely on spiritual guidance and rituals which they believed will give them strength.

I admire the fact that the sport is a positive outlet for men and a way for young wrestlers to escape poverty. I am motivated by the sport and the positivity it brings and I have infused different aspects of the cultural colours worn by the wrestlers into my fabrics. Also, I am inspired by the energy and vibrancy of the game and have sought to incorporate the masculinity and strength of the sport into my designs and i feel that my creations appeal to men, who want to express their masculinity and power through fashion.

dionne reeves