Getting to grips with patterns

 I have a general knowledge and understand the basics of pattern cutting.  Original I was planning on using a pattern cutter for everything but I fought I have some knowledge and why not give it a go and a professional can help me when it comes to preparing them for manufacturing.

From my experience from doing a bit of sampling freelance work in the past with a start up clothing brand, I noticed by not having any experience what so ever can put you in a position of spending extra money unnecessary and spending a lot of time correcting poor quality work and they had to learned  the hard way.  

Even though there was a lot of problems is was good experience for me in learning what not to do and believing in myself to have the ability to work with others in the industry.

While I was making their samples I realise just how different bespoke cutting and making is different from ready to wear and I quickly realised how important it is to work with a professional pattern cutter who will be able to rely the work clearly to the manufactruers.

 As I attempted to get the ball rolling last year due to me not having the time I found a pattern cutting company called pattern cutting London bureau based in London who matched me they specialised in menswear and outerwear clothing. I was very happy with the work and when I had my size model fittings I was very impressed with how well they fit.


Moving forward to today as I have more time to concentrate on the collection I have decided to have a go at cutting I have done it in the past using books and guidance. I think it will be good so I have a better idea of how the garment should fit and solutions to any problems.


I have attempted to make a trouser pattern which is straight forward apart from the fact I do not like how the fork is sitting and have called upon my friend who is a trouser maker advice as sometimes the pattern books are not accurate with its shape. 


My mission is to blend the skills I have learnt from tailoring with ready to wear pattern cutting

dionne reeves