Connecting the dots

'Just make a choice and get it done'.


I often over think things and procrastinate, but being my own boss gives me a reason to focus and not dwell on one aspect of the business for too long. My mantra now is 'Just make a choice and get it done'.

My fabric has finally arrived and I'm very happy with it, however, I have decided to order one more sample in the garment to make my final alterations because I need to be completely satisfied with fabric. 

I also need to consider the finishing for my garments, for example whether to use top stitching,  if so what type of thread, the weight, the type of fastenings, press studs, buttons, seams and whether to bind, welt or french the seam. 

All these things need to be considered before I have meetings with the manufacturers because each specification can influence the cost.

Ultimately my aim is to create a fluid collection and link my vision to my designs.



dionne reeves