A piece of me

A piece of me.......

Hi my name is Dionne and through my blog I plan to give you an insight into where I am now in my career and where I aim to be.  

I've always had quite a few ideas brewing over the years about how to start my own label but I have faced many setbacks and false starts. I can’t name one thing in particular, other things just took over and I allowed life to get in the way… like we all do sometimes.

I finally found the courage to break the cycle and made small steps, which soon gained momentum. I gradually started to change my routine and I became dedicated to improving myself. I arranged meetings with people who I wished to work with on specialised projects, attended seminars, networking events, watched videos and read up on my chosen area. This lead me to be around people who I found inspiration from. By networking more I was encouraged by the conversations and took up opportunities wherever they were. 

By building a good relationship with my colleagues I was able to negotiate and take on specific jobs that would help me to achieve my goals. I have now successfully managed to move from being a Tailor in a workplace to working as a bespoke Tailor and Designer in my own studio.

Follow me on my journey to find out what it is really like to make it in the UK as a young Designer.


dionne reeves