Starting with an idea

A few years ago I took part in a hand weaving loom course for beginners at The handweavers studio and gallery in North London Finsbury park, the course sparked my interest in creating textiles.

I found myself looking through rows and row of yarns that I wanted to use, even though at the time I wasn’t sure of what I wanted to create, I was simply inspired. At the time I was also taking part in the Golden Shears competition and I was trying to figure out what I could make with my new skills. I hand brought an inkle loom which I used to design different patterns.

That was two years ago and I am now using what I learned about textiles to come up with new ideas for my own designs.

I researched weaving companies that create modern designs and make small quantities. I really wanted to work with a company based in the UK to help support the textile industry. Shipping would quicker and I could communicate my requirements more quickly and negotiate on the design at a faster pace.  I came across a company called Bristol Weaving Mill and we had a few discussions via email. I visited their offices and at first I felt quite nervous because this was the first time I had ever done something like this. I had no idea of how I was going to explain my requirements what I wanted and whether they could do it.

The studio was lovely and they were really friendly and accommodating.  We talked a bit about what I would like and then I was shown around to where they actually make the fabric's. Through further talks and looking through samples I decided I wanted to use finer yarns and they soon realise I would be better suited to their sister company Dash and Miller. Which was most definitely a good match, I found them to be really helpful and patient. I learnt a lot and now feel more confident in understanding the process of weaving.