I was very lucky to be one of the few selected to take  part in the 10 year anniversary for the Midlands Fashion Awards annual event. 

On the day it was an early start making sure i had everything together, tying up all loose ends working out who will wear what outfit and giving the garments final press before bagging them.   

backstage pretty manic but you would expected for a fashion show half dressed models everywhere lots of people hanging around sorting there collection out,  It was a good atmosphere lots of talking and networking.  

We scheduled for rehearsal and then went on to practice working out the order and where everyone needs to be,  making any changes necessary.  

After that the judges spent a few minutes listening to the designers explain what inspired their collection and going through each out. It  was a bit daunting for me I was the last person to talk with them, I was surprised it wasn't that bad I probably could have relaxed more, I'm sure the more events I will attend the better I will become with confidence.   

It was a big day for me being able to showcase my work finally and to see what response I would receive,  undoubtedly it was great reception from other designers to models and audience. 

Before you know it,  it's all over now we had to wait while the judges deliberate over where to place the contestants, there was lots of awards that night from make up artist to accessories - lots going on. 

Finally we got to the last award of the night independent label which I managed to win. It was a great feeling to be able to take that award I felt like my confident had gone up a notch, the boost was much appreciated. 

This was a big hurdle for me achieving this award because when you are working away by yourself and posting a few instagram photos you don't always get a true feedback compared to being out there and showing your work.